Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap, frog!

I have a wonderful idea for making starfish bead pendant things. I need to go make the frit for it though, and that's kind of a hassle unless I'm feeling the need to be destructive. I think I might put a bunch of rods in the kiln and heat them up and drop them in a bucket of ice water and be done with it. I hate the "heat, plunge, heat, plunge" method. Takes forever.

My torch and marver are supposed to be here tomorrow! Also expected tomorrow is a package of glass from Frantz! Husband located a flamework supply shop in Golden that carries everything. So $15 I don't have to spend on shipping every time is $15 more that I can spend on glass. Woot!


Ghost followed me into the shower last night and decided, a little too late, that she didn't like it in there. She needed a bath anyway though, so she got one.

Ghost kitty is eating solid food and has finally figured out how to drink water from a bowl! Yeah!

Spectre, on the other hand, isn't having any part of being weaned. I have to force him to eat solid food, and then he bites me and spits it back out. I can stick it clear in the back of his mouth and he'll eat it, but then he goes limp and plays dead until I stop. *sigh* I need someone to wave a magic wand and get him weaned.


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