Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Le Masque de Péché

I've had a nameplate ordered for The Mask. Yeah, that mask. The one I'm sending to NYC that I've been putting off forever. So now it's crunch time. If I can get it mailed by Friday, it will be there on time for delivery Tuesday. Or, Mardi Gras, if you speak the language of sin and religion. Mardi Gras is the final night of sin and the feast before the start of Lent.

I'm not religious in any manner, but I know lots about it because most of my family are religious nuts and I'm fairly fascinated by all of it. I just choose not to participate.

Anyway, I named the piece "Le Masque de Péché" which is French for "The Mask of Sin". I started the actual papier mache volto (face) part last night. It will have a columbina (half mask) over it. It should be pretty neat when it's done. But now that we're in the home stretch, I'd really just like to get it over with and stop looking at it.

The other part that I haven't mentioned yet is that I'm applying to art school for a degree. So I can be a "real" artist. I should have done it ten years ago, and now that I'm starting the process, I'm quickly being reminded why I never went back to school.

I hate the whole process. Waiting to hear if I'm "good enough". Having to do things the way someone else says I should. The constant strain of having to study. Pah. I'm not terribly excited about the whole thing, but it's been the one thing I've wanted to do forever and just haven't done. Better late than never, yeah?

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