Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Pile of Frogs and A Pile of Glass

I've been working on "A Pile of Frogs" cross-stitch lately after having ignored all cross-stitch for many months now. When it is finished, it will look like this:

Also, I'm back to working on the grid my Oriental Tiger project, but after working on it for over an hour last night I've discovered that my grid lines are off somewhere and now I have to go back and find where I screwed up, so I'm discouraged and tempted to ignore it. 

Also, I've worked on glass a little bit over the last week or so, making some beads for Beads of Courage. Hopefully somewhere along the line, I'll get some beads made for trading. Today I've got half of a bridal set in the kiln for a wedding Husband and I will be attending while we're in South Carolina next month.

Not much else to report at the moment. Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

An Epic Undertaking - Maybe

I spent a lot of years making cakes. I am so tired of cakes that come spring when we have most of the family's birthdays in a five week span, I want to run and scream and never look at a mixer again. I don't like making them any other time either, but I hate the spring. That said, I like making miniature food. Recently the itch to make miniature wedding cakes has come about and in the manner of how I do all things, I've decided to do something big and extravagant and extremely complicated. I plan to make this in 1:12 scale:

 Photo courtesy of Associated Press

That is the cake from Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. It is 8 tiers and 17 total cakes and has more than 500 flowers. I can't say that all 500 flowers will be there but I plan to make it as closely replicated as possible, complete with teeny tiny stringer work. It will take a LOT of time, but I plan to work on it in stages. Before I can start I need to find more detailed photos.

I took Ginger dog to the vet this morning after she came in with a bloody tail last night. Vet says short haired dogs with long tails often kill the blood supply to their tails when they constantly beat them against everything they walk past, so the dog is going in early Thursday morning to have the majority of her tail taken off as the flesh is necrotizing.

On a glass-related note, Husband finished my ventilation set up for my torch area and it's now much quieter and more convenient. Hopefully I'll have exciting new beads to show off pretty soon. I need to start working on beads to trade at the ISGB gathering in Rochester this July. I need more than 100 and I have exactly zero. 

Son finished school on the 23rd so I've been giving him extra chores and things throughout the day to keep him busy. At the moment, all three kids are watching Sesame Street and there is no screaming or whining. This means I need to go check on them soon.

I need to get to work and finish Younger Daughter's new bedroom because I really don't want to have to rush to do it after we come back from vacation in the end of July. 

I've learned some new techniques from Melanie Muir and Debbie Carlton and have gotten a lot of new ideas from various polymer magazines so I hope to take my polymer jewelry to a new level over the coming months. I have a couple ideas I'd like to bring to fruition that I haven't started and a few unfinished pieces waiting at my desk. Hopefully I'll find a bit of time over the next few days to work on that. I took a stack of movies to my desk so that I can listen to that while I work and hopefully avoid making myself completely crazy from thinking too much. My writing here is a perfect example of my thought process - it jumps from here to there to somewhere else constantly, sometimes with intervals of deep fixation on one (usually meaningless) thing.

On a final note, this past weekend was the Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square. I've been a few times but not in recent years. One of my favorite artists who is there every year is Mythica von Griffyn. This year she did a technicolor Marilyn Monroe piece that won the Best Use of Color award. It is mind-boggling. I saw an in-progress picture from one of my friends on facebook: 

Photo courtesy of Nathan Rasmussen

Upon seeing the above picture, I immediately thought it was a viable possibility that she might win top honors for it. Here is a picture she posted this morning on facebook with the award:

Photo courtesy of Mythica von Griffyn

Every time I see a picture of her, she's got on overalls and a crazy hat. The hat in the first picture is how I knew who was doing the piece as soon as I saw it. So hop on over to facebook and look at her amazing work :)

As for me, I've got kids to put down for a nap and dishes to wash. Thanks for stopping by :)