Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm pondering adding options

I'm thinking about adding fine art prints to my line of stuff at etsy, just because. More options, I suppose. But then that leads to finding a printing company and getting proofs made and messing with the whole thing and that part is very discouraging.

New camera. Retails for $600. I got it for $150. It's amazing, really. I can take photos clear down the street in the dark with NO flash, and they still come out clearly.

I posted new pictures to everything I have listed on Etsy. They show all the flaws, and I don't really like that aspect, but they also show the detail I couldn't catch with my other camera.

I have a strange desire to paint a phoenix. I don't like painting. Or drawing. But the phoenix has become a driving need because no matter how I try, I can never get it right when I sketch it in the steam on my shower door. Maybe if I do one and get it right, I'll get that made into prints also.


Kittens are good. Eating about a bottle each per feeding now. They're not at all interested in solid food. They also have insanely sharp claws. I'm not a fan of the claws. They also run really fast now and they're constantly right under my feet, trying to get squashed.


I'm going on the record to state that whoever the woman was that I talked to at the Colorado State Patrol this morning... She's a bitch. I called in because a huge box full of metal blew off of a truck and spilled all over I-25 northbound and almost hit a car. So the dispatcher, or whoever she was, gave me all sorts of attitude about the size of the box and how many lanes did it spill over, etc. It covered EVERY lane and the shoulders on both sides! What does she want from me? I'm not getting out to pick it up. I all ready had an infant screaming in the back seat.

So I was glad when my phone disconnected. It was a real mistake, honestly. In fact, my phone decided to randomly shut off and reboot right then. So I suppose they sent someone out to clean it up because when I went by later, the mess was gone. Take THAT, bitchy dispatcher!

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