Monday, February 27, 2012

Burn, baby, burn.

I spent most of the weekend working on some Pandora-style beads as a special order through Etsy. It was cold and windy, so it took forever. They did come out perfectly though, and I was really proud of them. You can read details about them on my deviantart account.

Ghost is mostly on solid foods now. Still hasn't really gotten the concept of drinking water out of a bowl, but I'll take solid foods. Spectre isn't having any of it and still insists on either drinking from the bottle or starving to death. I'm going to have to force feed him soon if I ever want him weaned. *sigh* On another side though, they're actually turning into playful kittens now. They chase each other and wrestle and chew on everything and run around like they're crazy. So cute.

Very exciting news! My darling lovely husband bough me a fancy glass torch for my Mother's Day / birthday present. It's a Nortel Mega Minor and it can do all sorts of fancy stuff, including boro and making marbles up to 2". I'm so excited! He got the marvering pad that mounts on top of it too! Silver glass here I come!

So that's the summary of my weekend. Maybe something exciting will happen this week that I can write about. Thanks for stopping by :)

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