Monday, February 20, 2012

Silence of The Lambs.

By "lambs" I do not mean children. My children are never quiet. In fact, it's not yet noon on Monday and they've spent an hour separated in their rooms because I couldn't take any more screaming and fighting.

There isn't any exciting art news. After spending two days heavily focused on the mask, I haven't had any motivation to work on anything since. I fiddled around a little bit yesterday and made a couple pendants, but that's it so far. I have a marriage equality piece that I've been working on for about a year now, probably, but now that it's time to finish it, I don't want to. That's the way it goes with every project.

Here's how it looks at this time:

I need to make a hat for it and get it mounted and then I can explain all the different aspects and why it's made the way it is.


Kittens are good, kinda. Spectre gave us a scare yesterday when he was very lethargic and wouldn't eat or move or do anything. He seems much better today, and for now, he's back on kitten milk until he gets a little bigger and we can try weaning again. Ghost is good. Loud and obnoxious as always, and she seems to be doing fairly well with weaning. She just can't seem to figure out drinking milk from a bowl.


I've recently become obsessed with the show Oddities. There are more crazy people on that show than I can wrap my mind around, and I love it. I also now want all the weird old stuff that they have on there. Like a lamp made out of a baboon foot. How awesome is THAT?! I need one.

I laid awake with an upset stomach for about four hours last night, so I spent most of that time pondering how I could contain a bunch of flesh eating beetles and where I could get a cat carcass so I can learn to articulate skeletons. Don't worry! I'm not going to take up hunting or killing animals or whatever. I just want one that's all ready dead.

To hear it like that sounds totally wrong, but I just want it for the scientific and collector-y aspect. Besides, cat skeletons are crazy neat anyway. Also, I don't have any place to put a human skeleton.

I've decided that I'm going to get a taxidermy-ed raven. Partly for the nifty "I have a stuffed raven" thing, and partly so I can put it on the fake headstone I'm making for Halloween decor for the yard this year. I specified to the taxidermy person that I needed it NOT mounted on a block of wood. When it's not out on the headstone, I'm gonna keep it by my art desk.

Now might also be a good time to confess that I'm slightly obsessed with birds. All of them. Owls! I love owls! Peacocks and flamingos are also some of my favorites. It's kind of a problem, really. I read the other day that large parrots can learn to play with a Jack-in-the Box. How cool is that? I need a parrot.


I'm done now. Partially because I'm rambling, and partially because I need to go take some mail and find something productive to do.

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