Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nothing clever rhymes with "Thursday"

Wow. Three days has come and gone before I even knew what was happening. My stepmom's birthday was yesterday, so I called and talked to her on the phone. She says she got some acupuncture and quit smoking more than a month ago and hasn't even had the craving since. She's swimming laps at the gym three days a week. She gained some weight (this is good because she looks like a skeleton, seriously) and has been venturing out to go bowling and do some stuff by herself since my dad works all the time and doesn't do much when he's home.

I went out and got two new sets of paintbrushes last night. In all actuality, I need more than a hundred at any time because I use them for everything; clay work, painting, resin. Everything. And they're always all used and sitting in a bowl of water to be cleaned. I'm really NOT good at cleaning them until I don't have any left and I'm desperate. I also got a set of oil pastels and a tube of glass rods (which I only got because I needed more blue to make more of a frit mixture). I usually don't go to the craft store with a shopping list. I normally need one or two things and leave with six or eight. Guilty as charged. But I stuck to the list and got everything I went for (except oil cloth because it's ugly and expensive) and only one extra thing! The extra thing I got was because I had sudden inspiration of exactly how to use it. Yeah, me!

The wind was blowing so hard yesterday that the National Center for Wind Technology (or something like that) closed because it was too windy. Crazy. Semi trucks were blown off the road in Boulder. Huge pieces of aluminum were blowing across the road when we were driving, signs are down all over the place. Awful.

The kittens are doing great! Spectre even tried to bite the end of my thumb off last night. He's showing a slight interest in solid food, and that's awesome. He's just not sure about the texture and the chewing part. Soon though!

I got 14,273 steps yesterday! Not so good any other day this week. I keep hoping motivation will suddenly strike but it just isn't happening yet.

Youngest Daughter has been feeling icky the last week or so, fevers and teething and won't eat much and sleeps all the time. Today she got up and didn't have a fever and ate more than she has in weeks and played on the floor and squealed and drooled and is doing awesome.

I'm in limbo again about where I want to build my official glass studio. I kind of want to put it inside where I can be sure of decent temperatures regardless of how it is outside (too cold in the winter and my glass will shock, too hot in the summer and I feel like my head will implode, the kiln does NOT help), but in a way I want my own separate space where no one is going to bug me. But a studio is gonna cost lots to build and paint and insulate. If I put it in the basement, we only have to finish that one spot and get the icky spiders out (I'm crazy arachnophobic) and ventilation would be the last necessary part. Except for that whole part about HOA approval to plumb in my propane. HOA is teh suxxor. That whole plumbing in thing was the first major reason I wanted a separate studio. So I don't know. I'd just like to be able to do glass work SOON and for more than a couple months out of the whole year.

My grandmother got a phone call yesterday from her sister's daughter. Sister fell and broke her hip the other day. Had surgery on Tuesday. Don't know much else. Grandmother is worried because people frequently die of pneumonia after they break a hip. Truthfully, the sister isn't gonna be around too much longer anyway as dementia is eating her brain :(

So that's my update. Thanks for reading.

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