Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bead-y eyed

Spectre is now eating from a bowl and both cats are weaned completely off of milk. They still eat softened kitten food, but we're working on making it a little less soft every time.

Spectre fell or jumped from high up on Friday and hurt his leg. I thought he'd dislocated his hip, but x-rays showed that wasn't the case. Vet thinks he may have damaged his growth plate and he may limp or have a short leg forever. Surgery wasn't really an option because he's so little that it's too dangerous. He's young enough though that any problem he has will be second nature. For now we're giving him pain medicine twice a day.

I made it out to work on glass today and have a set of rainbow beads in the kiln at this very moment. I plan to etch them, but we'll see what they look like when they're done. If the nice weather holds up, I'll be making some faux beach glass beads this afternoon.

I have a blood donation appointment in about an hour. Last time, they couldn't get the bleeding to stop and I ended up with two people clamping down on my arm with ice packs. I was cold and out of sorts for a week or so after. Awful. Hope it goes better this time.

Here are some polymer clay bobbin beads I made and listed on Etsy. The rage is glass and bobbin beads, but I don't have the time or desire to make them right now. Maybe another time.

I plan to make a bunch of beads for Beads of Courage because word on the glass forums is that they're running drastically low. Beads of Courage are sent to hospitals all over the US and a few other countries (Japan and New Zealand that I know of for sure, maybe a few others), and every time a child in one of those hospitals has something done (chemo, blood draw, etc), they get to pick out a bead. Parents get beads too. It's a neat program, but sad that there's such a need.

Husband is outside cleaning the garage. The wrong torch is supposed to be delivered back to the glass retailer on Wednesday and the right torch should be on it's way out to me shortly thereafter.

Yup. That's all I have to write about for now. Thanks for reading :)

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