Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That bites.

Rushed Spectre back to the hospital today. His hip was doubly swollen this morning and he was all sticky, so I went to clean him up and an abscess on his hip opened while I was washing him.

Turns out he'd never hurt his leg the other day. He's got an infected bite from Ghost and it had gotten continually worse until it ruptured today. He's at the vet now, he's been cleaned out and stitched up and he'll be home this afternoon with antibiotics and pain killers. As long as we keep him warm he should heal up just fine.

My poor sister is going to be in for a terrible surprise when she hears me crying over the cat on her voice mail. But I did call and leave a second voice mail explaining what the vet said and that the cat is okay.

For now, we'll watch the kittens when they're together and keep them separate when we can't be around them. Ghost is a beast, she's been constantly wrestling and bothering him the last couple days. So we'll keep them separate until he's bigger and can take better care of himself.

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