Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Adventures

As usual, it's been a long time since I posted.

If you've come from facebook, you all ready know the story of The Kittens. If not, a short summary; I was going to get a new kitten for husband anyway so that Shadow Cat could have a playmate during the day when kids are gone and I'm busy.

There weren't a lot of options and the people on craigslist were blowing me off. We were supposed to go look at a Maine Coon mix in Fort Collins, but the lady gave it to someone else before we could get there.

The next day, I happened to glance at craigslist again and there was a post saying a stray had delivered a litter and left them and the poster didn't know how to care for them. I went and picked them up, and it's now five days later.

There were three, then we got an email later that night saying they'd found a runt and he had been out in the snow all day. We went and picked him up only to discover that he was a whole ounce under weight (a lot when you're supposed to weigh 3.5 ounces) and he had a cleft palate. We named him Spirit, and cared for him the best we could. He died two days later, but he was warm and loved while he was here. We're going to bury him in the flower garden when it warms up outside.

The other three kittens are eating, sleeping and growing just like they should. We're keeping the only girl, and we've named her Ghost. My sister will be taking one of the boys, and his name is Specter. The last one, who we call Da Vinci, has two potential homes.

So that's where we are now. Not a lot of free time between The Kittens and Younger Daughter. Younger daughter is now 8.5 months old and is pulling herself up to stand. When not standing, she crawls all over the house and tries to eat every bad thing she shouldn't have.

I do have some inspiration and ideas, though! I just need some time.

When I'm not caring for kids and cats, Husband and I run all over town looking for Skylanders. Yes, those goofy toys that all the young kids obsess over. Today, a new batch was released and they're all ready gone. Husband stalks them on the internet though, so he went out and got a couple sets this morning.

We also got fitbits. What's a fitbit? It's a Super Pedometer. It counts steps, of course. But it also counts flights of stairs, how many calories you burn, distance, and at night you wear it in a strap on your wrist and it calculates how well you sleep and how often you wake up. It's an amazing little device. It also keeps all your information on your person fitbit profile and updates whenever you get within about 15 feet of the charging dock. It only has to be charged about once a week. It's very motivating, and I have quite a few of my facebook friends as friends on fitbit, so we try to outdo each other. We got them because I have a goal to lose 70 lbs by October, as that's when my youngest sister is getting married and I'm NOT going to be a fat bridesmaid.

I'm all ready down 5.5 lbs, so it seems to be working.

So that's where we are now. I'm doing Pay It Forward on facebook again, and have a couple other things I want to make, so hopefully I can make it to my art desk sometime soon.

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