Monday, January 30, 2012

Twisted Metal- The Aftermath of a Train Wreck

It's not that I don't like being a mother, it's just that my kids spend an unbelievable amount of time trying to make me crazy. For instance, I don't understand the appeal of cat kibble to small children, but now that Older Daughter has learned that we Do Not Touch, it's time for Younger Daughter to be in it all the time. So I try to keep it picked up unless the cat is actually eating. But then I get busy doing something else (dishes, taking trash out, changing diapers, etc) and I forget and immediately I have to dig cat food out of baby's mouth and wash it off of her hands and sweep the floor.

If I sweep and mop the floor, someone will immediately spill their milk or water or drop sugar all over the floor. I can't win. Eventually, it all starts really getting to me and there are days, like today, that I'd like to pack my bags and leave all of this behind. I won't, but I'd like to.

This morning started with Son taking a shower and immediately putting on filthy clothes that he'd worn twice since last week without washing them. They were smeared with who knows what and when I told him to go change his clothes, I was met with half-assed refusal. So I yelled at him, swatted his butt, and then I followed him up to his room and watched while he changed all of his clothes. It would be one thing if this was the first time, but we've gone through this before. He wore the same outfit for a whole week once before I lost my temper and spent 20 minutes screaming at him that he needs to put on clean clothes every day. Why? Why is this even an issue?

While we're on the subject of Son getting on my nerves, I'd like to know why he will NOT stay out of things he's not supposed to be getting into. Why does he insist on destroying things for no reason? Why does he have to give me THAT look when he knows it makes me crazy? Why can't he just behave for once, if even just for a little while?

Younger Daughter didn't help matters this morning by screaming like she was being killed when I put her in her high chair to feed her breakfast. I gave up and put her down for an early nap.

Kittens? They're good. Not much to report. Closing in on half a pound each, still way behind where they should be, but they're healthy and energetic so I won't worry.

I've got my first Pay It Forward project for facebook completely put together. A little polishing and it will be finished and in the mail. I also have some wonderful ideas for other stuff I want to make, I just have to actually go DO it.

For now, I'm going to take Older Daughter up to my art desk and let her dig through stuff so she can decorate a little heart thing for her preschool class. I don't really want to do so, but it's due tomorrow and I need to get moving and stop stewing about everything that's annoying me today.

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