Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar (Chinese) New Year

It's the Year of the Dragon, y'all. I'm a snap dragon, myself. Part of me has snapped and the rest of me is draggin'. Speaking of dragons, the Postal Service has new stamps out today. Oh, and another lovely price increase. But cool stamps.

Book Fair at Son's school starts today. I've working sales tomorrow afternoon until about 8:00 pm. I've also volunteered to bring in something for the cake walk, so I've got to make a decision on what to make and then make sure I have everything I need for it.

All of the kittens have their eyes open now. They're getting big too, and look like real cats and not just balls of mush and fur. Da Vinci is the only problem. I have to fight him to eat at every feeding. He's lost about a half an ounce in weight (which is a lot as a kitten) but he did finally eat really well this weekend.

Neighbor girl and her mom came by last night to see him. They want to take him to their house for the weekend. I explained that he has to be fed every three to four hours and they'll have to stimulate his butt so he can poop. Mom doesn't seem to thrilled about the idea now, but I think if the daughter wants to do it, they'll go for it.

I started a new book this weekend, since I finished The Mill River Recluse (the ending was wonderful!). I'm now reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Only about a chapter in so far, but it's starting out well.

I have all the supplies for the Mardi Gras mask. No I just have to get it put together and have a plaque made, and I can put it in the mail.

Not much else to talk about. We stayed at home the whole weekend with kids and kittens.

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