Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ze Kitties... Zay GROW!!!

Kittens are eating quite a lot now, compared to a few days ago. They're also spending quite a bit more time awake and moving around. Haven't weighed them yet today, but that also is a noticeable difference when it's feeding time.

Specter (the all-black male who will be going to my sister) seems to take great comfort in being in water. We bathe him in the sink and he goes right to sleep. Ghost is definitely the leader of the group, loud and pushy. She'd rather be cuddled and stroked than sleep. Da Vinci is my little sweetness, that's all there is to it. He loves to nuzzle my hand and sleep next to my leg while I feed the others.

Some neighbor kids came by just a bit ago to see them, as I've gotten word that they might be interested in taking Da Vinci home with them when he's old enough. I'd love to see all the cats be with people I know.


On a separate note, I bought some logo design software today. If I plan to make anything of etsy, I'd better make some effort and take it seriously. Getting the mask done and sent to NY would probably work wonders for getting my name out there too... Yeah, I've got to get on that.


That's all I've got for today. Time to finish making supper and take some medicine for this headache I'm developing.


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