Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First a nap, zen we launch ze miss-siles!

No post yesterday as the whole day was a chaotic mess. Son couldn't get on the ball in the morning and it took constant prodding to get him to eat, shower, and brush his teeth. Youngest Daughter was screaming to be fed, kittens were screaming to be fed, Grandmother was busy taking medicine and putting on makeup and wasting time doing nothing. Oldest Daughter crapped in her pants and proceeded to take off her pants, leaving her mess all over the living room floor and smeared up and down her legs.

Emergency bath, load everyone in the car, almost missed the bus. Traffic to Denver was ridiculous, but that's 9 am rush hour for you. Dropped Grandma off at the Center for The Blind, Youngest Daughter is hungry but too tired to eat by the time we get home.

Weigh the kittens, both are down about a half an ounce. Covered in urine and feces. Feed them, wash them, now they're escaping the box when I'm not looking.

Youngest daughter gets up to eat, we drop cakes off at the school and come home and she goes right back down for another nap. Feed kittens again. Start some laundry, load the dishwasher, Husband calls at 2:00 when he's supposed to be almost home from Colorado Springs and says he's just now leaving. This upsets me, but it isn't his fault.

So now I have to get dinner started because Oldest Daughter is always hungry around 4:30 or 5:00, sooner if she's been at day care all day. A neighbor brought Son home from the bus stop because Youngest Daughter is still asleep. Dinner is started, ready to go in the oven right as Husband gets home with Oldest Daughter.

Give him directions. Do some laundry. Dinner in 30 mins. Kittens need to be fed. I have to go.

Book fair wasn't bad, waves of lots of people and then dead for a while. Rinse and repeat.

Neat fundraiser they're doing this year. Colored change buckets. Green, pink, purple, orange, blue. Drop in some change. Librarian will dye her hair the matching color after 3,001 books are sold. Money goes to Children's Hospital for new books. Scholastic will match each book we buy for the hospital with another book for the Homeless Coalition.

8:30. Time to go home. Free bag of clementines. Avalanche lose to the Wild. Guinness! Sleep.


Now it's Wednesday. Oldest Daughter has spent most of the morning on the potty because I can't have another episode like yesterday, and she's ready to be potty trained anyway, even though she blatantly refuses to be at this point. She changes and wipes her dolls. Wants to wipe herself. Makes all her dollhouse dolls sit on the toilet. She's ready. I will get her potty trained.

Going to Denver this afternoon, like every Wednesday. Half to come up with a casserole idea or something since I'm not making a roast this week. I'd really like to take a nap, but instead it's more laundry, more dishes, more kittens.

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