Thursday, January 19, 2012

The howling of the wind does a nice job drowning out the screams of my victims.

Why am I posting at 3:30 in the morning? Because the insane howling wind is keeping me awake.

I actually came to report that I *made it to my art desk* last night! I discovered that chopping up clay in a food processor is way more fun than it should be. I suck at making Starry Night canes. My leaf-shaped ceiling fan blades look much more awesome in green than in mud brown. I need to clean my desk and my shelves. Sometimes I enjoy the view of the mountains more than I enjoy drinking water, breathing, or having a heartbeat.


No one should be awake right now. And from what I can tell by a quick glance out the window, no one else is. That, or they're all lying in bed, willing themselves to sleep. I tried that for an hour or so and then gave up.

So now that I'm awake, I'm gonna rant about a couple things.


Also, as human beings, it's in our nature to move and be active. We are animals. That said, when did we get so lazy and fat that Physical Education had to become a CLASS that's taught in school? Seriously, it's against our nature and the very way we're designed for us to be in the collective shape that we are.

Oh, and all you wonderful people who are taking initiative to get healthy, for whatever reason, kudos to you. Not the candy bar, those are TERRIBLE for you. But really, I commend you for taking charge of your life, and probably lengthening it in the process.

On the other hand, all you Stepford wives in the suburbs who wear yoga pants all the time and constantly talk about the four hours you spent at the gym and how many calories you ate and what a cow you are.... Shut up. To the woman who weighs 115 lbs and wants liposuction... You're an idiot. There's more to life than being rail thin and having your hair and nails perfect all the time. And those of you who put makeup on to pick up your kid at the bus stop when it's right behind your house and you don't even have to come outside... You're actually pretty goofy looking and the makeup isn't helping. Neither is the milk mustache. That actually just makes you look like your brain is short-circuiting.

Okay, actually the last paragraph was all directed at various mothers at Son's school,and while we're on it I've got more to say. Most of them also suck terribly at driving and obeying basic parking rules (like NOT parking directly behind someone's car when the only way they can get out is to back up). "Pull forward" means pull forward. "Do not leave car unattended" means do not get out and walk away. Pulling your kid out of class five minutes early so you can beat traffic out of the parking lot is ridiculous. There are 19,000 people in this whole town. A traffic jam is six cars at the light. Get over yourselves.


Ghost kitty lost her cord yesterday and had her first bath last night. Like Specter, she's content to let the warm water run over her and she'll just go to sleep.

The kitties all got weighed yesterday, and while their weight hasn't doubled over the last week, they are all growing and gaining weight. They're all love to be cuddled and touched, so they should all grow up to be wonderful companion pets. Shadow still doesn't really want anything to do with them, but that also means she isn't being aggressive.


I'm going back to bed now. Hopefully the wind will die down long enough for me to get some sleep.

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