Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is a freshly-sealed mounting block for the mask I'm making to send to NYC. I have all the pieces ready... I just need some motivation to put it all together and get it in the mail... *sigh*

The mask itself is out in the garage waiting for the final coat of paint to dry. It's going to be a dual-part mask, completely different from anything I've ever done, and I'm totally excited for it to be finished.


In the rush to get going this morning, I didn't get a chance to weigh the kittens, but they're doing wonderfully.


I have a raging headache from so much stress the last couple days. I'm going to go drink some water and wait for my lemon cake (for the school librarian <3) to come out of the oven. Then another cake will go in.

Oh! Speaking of water, anyone who knows me well knows I have a bit of an obsession with 24 oz tumblers. I don't want glass. If my kids knock it over, I don't want it broken. So I have some Tervis tumblers. They are genius. They hold 24 oz, but there are smaller sizes and coffee mugs and all sorts of stuff. They have travel lids. They are dishwasher safe and the microwave safeness is awesome! You put them in the microwave and the stuff inside gets nice and hot and the outside stays room temperature. They insulate so the stuff inside STAYS hot or cold. They don't sweat! They are way more efficient than those weird insulating glasses with the not-water (what IS that stuff, anyway?) in between the walls. They come with cute patches in between the walls. I have one with owls, one that says "mom", an Avalanche patch in one, and Husband always steals the one with the flag inside. They're 100% made in America! Tons of options for patches! You can get them at Tervis.com or at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond or whatever linen supply store. Get them! They're a little pricey, but totally worth it!

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