Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As the Hangman says; "No noose is good noose".

Younger Daughter was born on May 4. It was difficult getting anything done in the weeks before she came, and now it's impossible to get anything done.

Older Daughter has officially turned two, and her attitude matches. We go through multiple daily temper tantrums and screaming fits. She also refuses to eat anything that isn't sugary. So she pretty much isn't eating.

Older Son finishes kindergarten today, and then it's an entire summer of telling him repeatedly to stop doing that, stop fighting with your sister, stop chasing the cat (yes, we got a kitten a few weeks ago), get out of that, please go outside and play, etc.

I'm fairly certain that come the beginning of the new school year, I'll be capable of nothing more than drooling on myself or pulling my hair out by the handful.

As an update, I taught myself the basics of crochet. I've gotten 95% of the baby blanket done, and come to a dead stop making any progress. I have no desire to finish it. I don't suppose that really comes as a surprise, though, as my unfinished projects are the basis of this blog.

Also, not surprisingly, I've taken a new interest. Dollhouses and all the miniatures that go with them. I've built a couple before, but nothing intricate or worth talking about.

What is surprising, though, is that Husband seems to have caught the bug, and he wants to build dollhouses. He's gone so far as to start looking through woodworking magazines and taking trips to Home Depot and the hobby stores just to do price comparisons for all the various materials.

On another note, the year is almost half gone and I haven't made any progress on my Pay It Forward projects. I haven't even got any ideas for most of them. I had some ideas for a couple of them, and I didn't bother to write them down, so naturally I've forgotten them.

Now, the clock is insisting that I need to get Older Son ready to go to school. I have to relish the mornings of no time commitments now, because that will all be over as of the middle of August.

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