Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Never Ending Story

I didn't get much work done yesterday. I glued two pieces of wood together and then that was the end of that. I did, however, get in contact with one of my closest friends that I haven't been in much contact with for the last ten years. I met her and her husband through one of my ex-boyfriends. We went to their wedding in January of 2004. That boyfriend and I broke up in the summer of 2004 and that was mostly the last I saw the friend and her husband. I've talked to her a couple times on facebook over the years, but nothing that lasted. Well I looked her up yesterday after getting a nagging feeling that I needed to check on her. She has three beautiful little girls between 2 1/2 and 7 1/2... and her husband got very sick and died pretty suddenly in December of 2012. I'm still stunned by this news and so saddened for her and the girls. Also, I'm suddenly painfully aware of the passage of time. So we're friends on facebook now and I'm discovering that no matter how much time passes, we always seem to pick up right where we left off.

Shortly after talking to her I got a call from Son's school saying he was "acting strangely" after an incident where they noticed him laying on the ground outside but he seemed to be fine and they'd watch and see what happened. They called about an hour and a half later and said that things weren't improving. Husband and I went to pick him up when they said he'd been laying on the ground with his eyes twitching and when they checked on him he got up to run but ended up getting dizzy and falling back to his knees. Then they took him inside and they noticed his eyes weren't tracking what he was supposed to be looking at on a computer screen. He was very angry with us for having to miss the Valentine's party at school.

We took him to the doctor right after we took him out of school. So far, things are pretty inconclusive. The doctor seems to think he had a seizure, but there isn't anything they can do about it unless he starts having repeated occurrences. Some people have one and then never have another. It might also be a heart problem or a virus. He will go in for an EKG next week to eliminate the possibility of a heart problem and we're watching him closely this weekend to see if he displays any signs of illness. So I dunno. He seems fine now though, whatever it was.

So that's what I've got today. Still hoping for a quick cessation of the recent string of injuries and illnesses plaguing our house. Thanks for stopping by :)

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