Saturday, February 22, 2014

Repairs From Within

Just a quick update for those of you following Oldest Daughter's burn saga - it's been 10 days since the burn and tonight she let us dry it after cleaning and said touching it didn't hurt. We have it wrapped lightly in gauze so it can breathe and hopefully it will start drying out and tightening up by morning.

I've spent most of today working on my competition piece for the HBS Creatin' Contest, but nothing I can post. I'm quickly learning why miniaturists say that private builds are such a downer :-/

We beat the record sales total at the book fair by almost $2,000. I clearance priced almost all of my Etsy stuff last week and a lot of stuff got snapped up. Hopefully getting rid of older stuff that's been kicking around too long will help spark some new ideas. That's all I've got that's fit to share for now. Maybe new stuff in the next few days - my muse has been hanging around a little lately, so we can hope. Thanks for stopping by :)

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