Monday, February 10, 2014

I like to move it, move it

I've made a separate blog for my dollhouse and miniature stuff, which you can find here.

Husband cut his finger with a meat knife yesterday and had to go to urgent care and get it glued and bandaged closed. I spent Saturday modifying a necklace for my neighbor. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful weekend.

This is the last week of the book fair and my only commitment is to work on Wednesday night for five hours or so and go to a parent-teacher conference. I'll be glad when it's over with for the year. Tonight I'll be driving Grandma down to Littleton so she can go to the Colorado Center for the Blind tomorrow - she's taking braille classes every week and goes to a blind seniors support group on Tuesdays.

Not much else to report. Thanks for stopping by :)

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