Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glass Cabinet

My competition kit was delivered late yesterday, and after discovering that it's MDF (medium density fiberboard) that's hard as the dickens to cut, this will be the telling factor in whether or not I ever willingly participate in the construction of another house made of the same stuff. I may have to make some major modifications to it just to get it to open up enough for photos and furniture placement, so now I'm debating whether or not to continue on with my plan for it.

My gloss glaze and my India Ink came yesterday also, so I can start on my stained glass and rolled glass windows for my San Franciscan as soon as I get the leading done (which is way harder than it looks). I started the leading on the front door the other day, but I've scrapped it and will start again. I've got some thinner, more flexible acrylic to take the place of my plexiglass, and I'm going to modify the pattern a bit so it isn't so full of fussy little triangles and steep angles. Husband and I went last night to get door hinges (because I don't want to use the pin hinges that came with it) and a cutting mat and some parts for the competition piece. I'm going to have to decide on colors soon, because the San Franciscan is supposed to be painted as it's being built.

The Scholastic book fair started on Monday. I dropped my cactus off, finished except for top flowers, on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday night someone had broken it. Of course. So fixing that is at the top of the list of things I have to do when I go over this afternoon. Husband is taking Son over tonight so that Son can use some of his piggy bank money to buy some books he wants. Then Husband and I will pick out more books for the boy and both girls either tonight or next Wednesday night when we go for our parent-teacher conference.

I actually got all but two of my loads of laundry done yesterday and I've loaded the dishwasher and swept and mopped the kitchen this morning, so in theory, Youngest Daughter will take a  nap and I'll have a large portion of this afternoon to look at projects or take a nap or....

With that, it's time for me to let the dogs out and make lunch for the kid. Thanks for stopping by :)

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