Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Painted Lady -

Here's a picture of my dollhouse box, and a cat that was very curious about this new thing. Husband and I opened it up and took inventory last night and amazingly it has all the pieces except one little chunk of siding. I'm going to ask my brother-in-law if he can make me a couple pieces if I send him one to copy. We have colors picked out (none of which are the pale blue or bright red that everyone seems to have used when I pull up a Google images search of the house). It's going to be gothic-y, because that's what I do best.

We have some small changes planned, like for the brick work around the foundation (which in the directions is made by mixing up a sand paste and smearing it over a brick pattern template and pulling the template away) and different, stronger glass for the windows and doors. As it were, the whole thing smells like it's been sitting in a smoker's house for 20 years (which is very possible) so I'm really looking forward to sanding and priming it at the very least. We're also going to build a bigger support board for extra support, outside landscaping, and (most importantly) to house the lighting components. Also, we're not using the flooring strips that came with the kit - it's awful and has no creative design to it. 

I will say that the people I bought it from made it painfully obvious that they've never built a dollhouse before. They said they'd recently bought it so they could put it together for their daughter for Christmas, they were amazed at the number of pieces, and they apparently had no clue of the potential resale value. So their loss is my gain and I'm more than a little excited by that. 

So there it is. I can get started on it early next week, in theory, after I'm done with the cactus and the jam for the book fair. 

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