Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feel the Burn

Yesterday was my final day at the Scholastic Book Fair at Son's school, and we had a parent-teacher conference at the same time. Mostly good news, thankfully. We'd met (or very nearly) the sales goal for the year by the end of the night and there is still all day today and tomorrow. So YAY!

While Husband and I were gone, Grandma cooked dinner. She took the chicken out of the oven and for some reason, Oldest Daughter grabbed the pan. Her had has a pretty bad burn and we're going to the doctor this morning as soon as we can get in. I didn't know about it until I got home because I'd forgotten my phone when I left. So this is what we're dealing with this morning.

I worked most of nap time yesterday on my house, but not tons of progress because I glued a couple pieces together wrong and had to go back and fix mistakes. It was probably better that I had to quit and go to the school since it wasn't going so well anyway. 

In the interim of all this book fair and kids hurting themselves, I've completely spaced that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Thankfully we never actually celebrate it on February 14 so I'm sure it doesn't matter that it will be late, especially since I already told him. We have stuff for both girls and we'll have to find something for the boy and Grandma and then we can call it good for what HAS to be on time. 

That's all I've got. I'm off to call the Dr's office and see if we can get in soon. Thanks for coming by :)

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