Friday, January 3, 2014

First Report

So some rather exciting news to share today :-)

First off, Husband has got a new facebook author page for his book of short stories he'll be releasing later this year. You can follow him here to stay on top of news about release dates and other exciting things that will be happening in the future. Tentative plans for the book are to release it on kindle and nook and smashwords for $1.99 and I'm planning on talking to him about giving away free copies to a people through contests and things on facebook. Right now we're planning out cover art (which I'm in charge of) and waiting on a few things to arrive. I'm doing initial read - throughs and rough editing now and he's been working like mad on getting the last of the stories put together. I'm very excited for him to get his work out for the world to see.

Also, I've been working on a fairly large custom electrical outlet cover order - four zebra print plates and four cheetah print plates. Most of the zebra plates are baked and in the initial stages of coloring. Cheetah plates will be started once the zebra plates are colored, sanded, and sealed.

Yesterday started the Pay It Forward facebook campaign for 2014 and I've got seven people on my list instead of the standard five. I think in the four previous years that I've participated, I've only actually received something once but I keep signing up because I like sending things out to other people.

Today I'm going out to dye someone's hair various shades of blue and purple and tomorrow Husband and I will be going to watch the Avs V Sharks at the Pepsi Center. Hopefully sometime this weekend we'll find a bit of extra time to start taking Christmas decorations down and work on getting the house back in order.

I hope the new year has started out on a good note for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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