Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tiny Troubles

Anyone who knows me knows that dollhouses and miniatures are one of my favorite hobbies. This year, I'm thinking about entering the HBS Annual Creatin' Contest. This indecision comes about because of my recent burnout and severe lack of inspiration or motivation. I started looking at small dollhouses on a whim a couple days ago and I've found a few I think may work for my apothecary / potion / witch's shop. I don't recall whether or not I've ever posted about it here but it's been a plan between Husband and myself for a couple of years and it always ends up being moved to the back burner and forgotten about. Anyway, I've gotten it down to the following three choices in my order of preference;

It is necessary to note that by the end of the project the shop won't really look anything like the houses shown in the pictures - it will be the shell, but many design and color modifications will take place. In the mean time, I've been sporadically working on pieces to go in the shop, potions and powders and things like that. They're all currently strewn about my desk so I will have to gather some up and take in-progress pictures in the near future. 

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