Monday, January 20, 2014

"Union" should be pronounced like "onion"

Over the course of the past week or two I've met some of my grandmother's nieces and nephews on facebook. They're in the process of trying to organize a family reunion in Denver, but none of them live in Denver. I have one cousin in Golden who's trying to help, but the rest of them live in Arizona and the far reaches of Wyoming. They're determined that they need to have the reunion in Denver because the aunts (my grandmother and her sisters) are old and rickety and.... Yeah. So they wanted suggestions for places to have the reunion - I gave them suggestions that my grandmother thought would work. They don't like any of those ideas. I suggested a few other places. Again, not acceptable. They want to contact all their long lost cousins. I look up phone numbers, but none of them will make the calls. It would seem that the extent of their internet knowledge is getting on facebook to ask me to do everything for them, then arguing with me whenever I say something. So I've decided I'm done helping and I'm not going to the reunion - I have social anxiety anyway.

I restarted my Assassin's Creed IV game last night to see if I could meet a bunch of objectives I'd missed the first time around - I was only 13% of the way through anyway so it isn't a great loss - but I'm discovering that it didn't give me some of the opportunities it did the first time through. I dunno. Anyway, somehow I've almost caught up to where I was the first time and I'd played for about 18 hours total the first time and six hours this time... So I don't know what I was doing the first time to waste so much time.

We bought a frog terrarium about a year ago and got a couple things for it, then set it aside and ignored it. Over the weekend we went out and got all the rest of the stuff, put it together, and got some frogs. We have three green tree frogs now named Morpheus, Apollo, and Nyx. They spent most of yesterday hiding at the top of the background and not moving. This morning they're lazily crawling about getting ready to go to sleep, and at least one of them ate some crickets last night.

Son is rather obsessed with football because all the kids at his school are, so he and Husband watched the Broncos game yesterday and Husband explained the different parts of the game as it went on. Son was mostly fixated on the Broncos getting a trophy, though neither Husband nor I had said anything about a trophy in the first place. Everyone in Denver is determined that there's no way the Broncos will lose the Super Bowl, but their lackluster defense may be a problem against Seattle. *shrug* I won't be watching the game - I will probably use the opportunity to play video games.

I ordered some glass over the weekend. It should be here on Thursday or Friday and hopefully by then I will be halfway motivated to go turn on the torch. I have some ideas for sets of hair falls and tiny hats or fascinators and beads that match. It might be a decent thing come the next Christmas shopping season - I just have to hope that I can get them made and be found by people who have weird friends to shop for.

Speaking of product lines... ComicCon. Yeah. I don't know where that's going or if it's going at all. I have plenty of ideas, but no motivation. None of the ideas feel like "me", if that makes any sense. I have no doubt that they'd be great ideas and would sell well, but the thought of making the stuff and putting my name on it is a serious downer and... I don't know where to go from here. Anywhere would be better than this deadlock I seem to be stuck in.

So that's what I've got. Nothin', basically. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a few minutes of your time.

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