Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Market Setup

I've recently opened a store on Square Market. For those of you who don't know, Square is a company like PayPal, kinda. They have little card readers that can attach to a smart phone or tablet. Lots of jewelry and craft people use the square as their register at shows. There are no fees for the buyer and only a percentage fee for the seller. Anyway, they've never had an online sales venue until now. I got an invitation through email, so I set up a shop here.

For now, all my stuff that I'm posting on Etsy is getting cross-posted on Square Market. If it works out comparably or better than Etsy, it will be a permanent move. It will save me tons of money in fees which will bring down my costs overall, and bead costs for customers. Square has rewards programs you can opt a shop into, which I've chosen to do. I have First Time Visit, Return Customers, and Punch Card rewards active that Square will keep track of  for me.

I really hope it works out. I hate Etsy. I hate PayPal. This could be a wonderful thing.

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