Thursday, August 1, 2013

Away and Back

I'm back from a lovely (albeit very long and tiring) vacation to South Carolina and New York. The kids had a good time visiting with the grandparents and their uncles and aunt and cousin. It rained like fury almost every day, but it kept the temperatures down for the most part. The days it didn't rain were HOT. We fed some buzzard-y looking ducks one day, and from that day on they showed up at the lake house waiting for food. We saw a mother duck and a duckling one day also.

We spent four days in Rochester, New York for the annual ISGB gathering. I met face-to-face a lot of neat people I've been friends with on facebook and Lampwork, Etc for a few years. I went on a day trip to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, where we saw an exhibit of 35 centuries of glass beads, took a glass blowing class, watched some demonstrations. It was a neat trip and I've told Husband that if we ever take a trip alone through New England that we need to go back so that he can see it. 

My glass ornament from class was delivered this morning :-) I'm going to venture into small-scale glass blowing on my torch until I learn. Thinking about asking a local hot shop for an apprenticeship after Youngest Daughter starts school. Anyway, here's my ornament from CMoG.

I know I should have a lot more to talk about after having been gone for so long but the thought of rehashing everything is very overwhelming. So in summary: A good time was had by all, we're all glad to be home, new motivation, new ideas, new things coming up!

Thanks for stopping by :) 

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