Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flesh Eating Beetles

After much foot dragging, I got to the torch the other day and started making a myriad of canes I'll need to try to make a Jellyfish Seascape bead. I bought the tutorial more than two years ago and have never attempted it because I *really* don't like making canes and pulling stringer. I sold a bunch of my presses that I never used and got more than enough money to get all the new things I need for jellyfish beads and shipping, so I'm really excited to get started AND I have a little extra room! I'm so close to being ready to start now that it's brought about a revelation of sorts that's helped me figure out a direction I'd like to take my work.

I've decide I'm going to do a sea-themed line of products - beads, hairpieces, jewelry. I've always been rather fascinated by the ocean and all the things in it. Maybe it stems from being landlocked on the plains my entire life, or the fact that my dad was in the Navy, or all the myths and legends that are based on the sea... I dunno. So anyway, I've got plans for a sea-themed tattoo sleeve, and a line of related products only seems fitting.

I've also got a special affection for all things dark / gothic / macabre, and I'd really like to make some hairpieces and things with raven skulls as centerpieces. There are other uses for bones and things that I have planned also.

What do flesh eating beetles have to do with all of this? Well, they can clean out the shells and things I might find and have a use for. They don't eat much so I can throw spare hamburger in once in a while if I don't have a project for them to work on, and when the colony gets bigger than I need I can sell some.

I don't know what else will come after all of this, but I have a discernible direction for the first time in a LONG time and I really like having clear thoughts and ideas and motivation for once.

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