Monday, April 15, 2013

Beady Eyed

I cleaned my glass bench yesterday (all though I only did it because I couldn't find my tweezers). I hung up a magnetic strip and put all of my tools on it, so they'll be out of the way. More importantly, I made beads. Ten of them, to be exact. Not all are worthy of showing, but I've got a couple. 

A small-diameter dread bead

A big chunky dread bead

Some Pandoras that I haven't cored yet

So that's my latest bead work. 

I've got a frame for a mini top hat, but I've reached a stalling point in that project. I'm reading my hatmaking book lesson by lesson, and I'm confused on the process of covering the frame with fabric, so I've read it over and over and it isn't getting any clearer just yet. Maybe I'll give it another shot this afternoon. I like to think that if I can do it once, even wrong, then it will make it easier to learn and I can improve upon it in the future. 

No miniatures right now. I've still got a load of tiny donuts to ice and decorate, but my hat project is in the way at the moment, so that's more reason I need to get it done. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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