Monday, March 18, 2013

We're ALL mad here.

I have the pieces of a miniature curved-brim Victorian top hat waiting to be assembled on my desk. They're done in Christmas designs because that's what I had available when I started the project. Also, the morning, I ordered a pattern and directions for a garden hat that can be made into a pirate hat with just a few modifications, so two in one, really. I'm excited for it to get here.

No glass yet. I'm avoiding the oxygen concentrator problem, still.

Husband has a satellite launch at work tomorrow, and if it goes as planned, he'll be home on Wednesday. If he's home, we're planning a trip to the millinery supply store in Denver. I'm rather OBSESSED with hats right now. Fascinators too. But until I have the wire and things I need, I have to stick with making them in miniature. Fair enough. I don't know what I'll DO with a bunch of tiny hats, but I'll figure it out eventually, I suppose.

Not a whole lot else happening here. I should be planning and working on the cake for Son's birthday party, but I'm mad enough at him to skin him alive at the moment, so I'm ignoring the whole thought of a cake and a party.

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