Saturday, September 1, 2012

Creative Nation

Just a few minutes after I posted my last entry, I had an etsy sale that doubled what I made in ALL of last year. Today I've gone through and changed a bunch of my listing tags and titles. Husband found a work-around for the Etsy links that won't post to facebook, so we put a bunch of updates on my business page.

Also, I changed the business name on both Etsy and Facebook. Just because. I was going to have new business cards and stuff made up anyway, so I decided to change the name before I have new cards and marketing materials made up. I'll probably be looking into my own independent website soon, partially because Etsy is... well, Etsy. Mostly because I'd rather do things independently and make a real name for myself.

Recently, I've decided I'm going to start making finished pieces in addition to loose singular beads and loose bead sets. I also got some new bead presses (brass tools that squish the hot glass into a specific shape) and I've got some good ideas on how to make those beads into finished pieces. Here are my first trial and error beads using a bead press. Pardon all the bead release and yucky stuff. I was so proud of them not being all crazy wonky that I had to take a picture right away :)

At the moment I'm working on both beads and a Halloween scene cuff bracelet. I've got lots of ideas for cuff bracelets and lots of bracelet armature blanks, so hopefully they'll be coming to life over the next few weeks. Here's the start of the first bracelet. 

So that's my exciting crafty-related news. Thanks for stopping in :)

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