Friday, September 7, 2012


I got a new lentil press and spent last night trying to work out the mechanics. Here's what I had in the kiln this morning.

The purple on the top left had a thermal crack the whole length of the back. The top right chipped badly during cleaning. The bottom left went with my grandmother's hairdresser this morning, and the bottom right also cracked during cleaning. If I can get around the problems that come about during cleaning, I can likely figure out dimpled holes and should soon have focal beads and wired lentil pendants listed on etsy soon.

Aside from that, I only made a few beads last week. Some organic bhb's:

But in my non-torch time I did rename and redesign my etsy shop and had new business cards made. I had another big sale and the same person put in a custom order at the same time, I've got a custom bracelet order from a neighbor, an order to design business cards, a bracelet order from my cousin, and a couple pendant orders.

Also, I'm participating in an earring exchange on a lampworking forum I frequent, and I have an idea for some bracelets and pendants I plan to make.

On top of that, Husband and I have a new ten-year project. We're going to be completely rebuilding a 1953 Mercury and making it into a hot rod. We plan to have it done in time for Gabe to take it to his senior prom. For now, it's just a hulking rusted metal monstrosity sitting under a tarp in my driveway. It was my dad's, and he planned to do it but never got a chance before he died. I told him ten years or so ago that I wanted the car when he died. I didn't anticipate it would be this soon.

So that's what's happening here. Thanks for stopping by :)

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