Monday, August 27, 2012


My etsy store is stocked with 23 items at the moment.

My personal favorite it "Midnight in the Garden of Eden" which is a big hole bead that fits Pandora style bracelets, which was just listed.

The reigning favorite at the moment is another Pandora style bracelet called "Chemistry".

Currently I have four custom orders, one for some pendants, one for some Pandora tiger beads, and two for bracelets.

Yesterday I stuck the molten end of a glass rod in my mouth- all because I have a bad habit of  holding stringers in my mouth while deciding my next move. That habit is done. A couple little blisters and some tingling are all the remaining effects today.

Approximately 20 new beads in the kiln right now. Hopefully exciting sales news to report in the coming days. Thanks for reading :)

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