Monday, August 20, 2012

The holidays are approaching- so it's time to make stuff to sell, I guess

Here are some beads I've made recently, primarily as practice for getting used to the new torch. Some are pretty wonky, but a few will get listen in my etsy shop in anticipation of the holidays. 

Some "pandora" style beads made from color-changing silver glass.

Another "pandora" bead, struck, reduced, shaped in a neutral flame.

 This is some un-identified mystery glass I found when cleaning my glass shelves
 This was supposed to be a striped ribbon bead. Not so much, huh?
 This one is a reduced striking glass. I call it "Poseidon".

Reichenbach Multicolor Dark

Some spacer beads I plan to use in a bracelet I'm making as a gift.

So glass aside, the other news is that Son is finally back in school (yay!) and that my bridesmaid dress for Younger Sister's wedding was delivered today. It's a pretty cute dress that I can wear more than once, should I want to. 

That's it. Thanks for stopping by. Spread the word about my etsy shop to your friends, okay?! ;-)

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