Friday, May 11, 2012

Back in the game

All right, y'all. Back on track. Last Thursday I spent the day hanging with the friend I've had for 17 years. I colored her hair turquoise and purple and she listened to me bitch about everything. I came home happier than I had been in months.

I finished painting the ceiling in the living room and kitchen, after 5 1/2 months of avoiding it. Paint and bedding have been picked out and purchased so we can move Son into the guest bedroom. Youngest Daughter will move into the room he's in now and I will have my full closet back.

We had a birthday party for both Daughters last Saturday as they turned 3 and 1 on Friday. Every time I have to make a cake, I hate it more than the previous time. Such a drag. Party was good though, and everyone stayed and played Cards Against Humanity.

Our vacation to South Carolina has been delayed a couple weeks so Husband and I will be going to a wedding for my cousin in the end of June. The older of my Younger Sisters is getting married in October and has finally decided on a bridesmaid dress. She even did me a favor and picked on in practical colors in a practical style that isn't outrageously expensive. I'm still not stoked about wearing a dress, but...

I'm gonna build a mermaid. A big one. Also, I'm gonna build a big phoenix (you know, the mythological bird born of fire). I'm sure husband is delighted at the prospect of the garage and / or basement being filled will huge mythological sculptures (note the sarcasm there) but that's what happens when I'm inspired. Hopefully I can actually stick with a project to the finish without getting frustrated and giving up or rushing through it just to be done. A suggestion for the phoenix was to have its eyes light up. I'm going to see if I can do so through glass eyes.

I went and got checked for skin cancer yesterday. I do not have skin cancer right now, but I have "lots of spots that could easily turn into skin cancer". So now we get to start a lovely ritual of monthly photography of moles. Maybe I'll start a blog written by the moles. Knowing my luck, it would get a million subscribers and I wouldn't even have anything clever to write in it.

Coffins for the kittens are done and we can bury them any time it stops raining long enough for the dirt to be dug up a bit. That's not a day I look forward to. I need to paint the rock that will be put over the burial site and that's the one project I have NO motivation to start.

Next week brings the start of my adventures in P90X. That says enough in itself, yeah?

That's all I've got. Thanks for stopping by.

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