Friday, December 7, 2012

Music Notes

My sheet music ornament inspired and was featured in a treasury on Etsy. Etsy??? Yeah, I've decided to put them up for sale on a made to order basis as so many people on facebook went crazy over them. Want one?

You can find them here. You can pick the color of the hanging ribbon, and each comes with FREE priority shipping until the end of the year. They'd make a great gift for the ornament collector who has everything :)

You can also keep up with new Etsy listings on my facebook page and give my facebook page a "like" here.


I had a CT scan done on my brain Monday of last week, for my twelve weeks of constant migraines. Negative. Next, I'll be seeing a neurologist to see what they can do. Chiropractor is doing all he can to help, and everything is a little less painful for a day or so, then we're right back where we started.


We've decided that family Christmas will be on a different day this year because Uncle is working and it's more important than ever that everyone be together on big holidays. I haven't really decided when, yet, but I've still got a few days, I think.


We're thinking about getting a second dog to keep Ginger company during the day while Son is at school. I play with her as much as I can, but I have to get stuff done sometimes, and I don't always want to go chase her around the back yard in the cold. We've got a couple options we're looking in to, so we'll see what happens.


Can't think of much else that bears mentioning, so I'll end this here. Thanks for stopping by :)

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