Monday, July 1, 2013

A Sad Commission

I have a jewelry designer friend who I met through a mutual friend when we did a bracelet collaboration last winter (I made the beads, she put them on a bracelet). Since then, she's bought beads and I've sent her beads for no reason, I had her repair a set of earrings for my grandmother, etc etc. We talk almost every day. So earlier this week when her sister lost a pregnancy at 22 weeks and almost died herself, I was heartbroken for my friend and her family. Now said friend has asked me to make a set of beads in masculine colors that have the baby's first name on them so that she can make them into something to give to her brother-in-law. It's a fairly urgent project as friend is out of town until the 17th and I'm leaving town for three weeks on the 11th. When all is said and done I will post pictures of what I come up with.

I did get my beads made and sent off to Beads of Courage for the Show the Courage challenge. I have some others made up but decided I didn't like the bridal pieces so I'm going to be re-doing them. They might be something I sent late when we get back from our trip in light of my other project but I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Husband and I went out and bought registry gifts the other day, and wrapping stuff so that we can put it together when we get there rather than risk it being messed up during our trip. We also got a new Tervis cup and some laundry bags and empty travel bottles for our trip.

Last week I made a single jar of jalapeno strawberry jam. One jar because that's what I had enough fresh jalapenos to make and I wasn't sure anyone would like it anyway. It turned out fantastic and tonight we'll be using it as a glaze on pork chops. Youngest Daughter, who has been a spice lover since she started eating solid foods, particularly likes it and was stealing everyone's samples the night I made it. In the process of making it, I broke my food processor. Apparently they have a limit to the number of times you can shred chicken breasts and grind up hard candies and crush frozen fruit. I'm at a complete loss now that it's broken :(

Also, this week I decided I'm going to take some classes in miniatures design for things like electrical work and metal fabrication and woodworking on a miniature scale- things I can't teach myself through reading a book. I also think I'd like to make some miniature headstones - high quality versions, not the kitschy Halloween-town crap you find in the craft stores. A few years ago I kinda played around with stone carving because I always wanted to learn to do monument work, but there are no stone chisels to be had around here and I packed my wood chisels up when we moved and have no idea where they are now. Anyway, that's something I'd kinda like to get back into. Not that I don't all ready have enough crap I want to do and no time to do it.

So yeah. We're getting ready to go on a trip, Youngest Daughter and I have been sick for going on two weeks, and no work is getting done. I like to hope that things will settle down soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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