Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quoth the Raven

If you know anything about me, you likely know that I have a slight obsession with all things dark / gothic / macabre. Also, Edgar Allan Poe (thus, the name of this blog). So no one would be at all surprised to know that I couldn't resist an impulse buy of a cross-stitch chart based on that. On my list of projects I'll be alternating through is "Never More", by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. You can see the painting here. Isn't it awesome?!?! So excited.

Lately I've been working on gridding a project that I'm making for Husband, still working on the rooster for Grandmother, and slowly accumulating fabric and thread for a big Native American themed piece I'm going to make for my aunt.

I made a few beads the other day, but none are anything special, really. Leaving town seems to have taken a small toll on my bead making mojo, so I've got to get back in the groove.

Also, I've started a Halloween cookie project. They're all baked and outlined. Next comes decorating and detail work, and I'm having a terrible time getting started.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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