Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aww, nuts

Last night I had my first experience with anaphylaxis. Generally whenever I eat walnuts or pecans, my mouth burns for a while. Milk usually lessens the amount of time it goes on. So I had ice cream last night, and I was unaware that there would be pecans in it. As usual, my mouth started burning, but within a few minutes I was having a hard time breathing. I threw the ice cream out. By the time we got home, my face had swelled a bit and turned red. Husband was concerned he may have to use his Epi pen on me (which he has because he gets allergy shots twice a week and he could have anaphylactic shock from it, I guess).  Thankfully, a couple liquid Benadryl solved the problem.

No more pecans for me, that was as scary as I could handle.

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