Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress- In a manner of speaking

This afternoon, I came across more prime examples of my inability to stick with any hobby I take up. In the middle of knitting a square, I decided it was time to get up and sort out the floss that came with the counted cross - stitch rooster kit I got last year (I had grand intentions of getting it made and framed in order to give it to Grandmother for Christmas last December, but...)

So I spent two hours untangling and sorting the flosses. They're all labeled by color number and chart symbol. Then I opened up the chest next to my knitting chair and dug out an embroidery project I started about.... Oh, two years ago? It was another one of those things I decided on a whim that I wanted to learn to do. It's just outline embroidery, but... So here's the progress I made before I forgot all about it.

I sorted out the accessories for my counted cross - stitch and put them in my nifty little travel bag and then promptly zipped it up and set it aside :-/ I dug out the separate flosses for my embroidery and set them aside too. I've got all my knitting books stacked neatly by my chair.

And yet, after the disaster that was The Beret That Wasn't, I'm reluctant to really take on any project now. I also have a tendency to let my mind nag at me about every other project than whatever I happen to be working on at that moment.

Wait. The Beret That Wasn't? Yeah. It had a lot of potential. But my lack of attention span and the fact that I've never worked on circular needles didn't lead it any place good. So it ended up with weird stitches and the shape and size are all wrong. If I had been trying to make a mushroom hat, I couldn't have done it.

Le Sigh. Hopefully the boredom and reluctance will pass soon and I can get back up and try again.

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