Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No noose is good noose

My ultrasound results came back showing nothing to be wrong. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor to talk about options from here.


My father has been suffering from bad indigestion problems for a few months. Yesterday he went in for an ultrasound and CAT scan. He has unidentified spots on his liver and the doctors believe he has esophageal cancer. Tomorrow he goes back for endoscopy and biopsy on the spots in his esophagus. No word yet on what will be done about the liver spots.



I made a new blog for my polymer clay stuff yet but haven't made a post in it yet so I'll publish a link after I get it started.


I think I'm going to switch from Etsy to another selling venue. Etsy has way too much BS and drama that I don't feel like dealing with.

Like THIS. Seriously. Caught in a lie and it's been going on for months and Etsy won't do anything about it because they're making a killing from it. Money means more than integrity in this day and age, after all.


That's kinda all I've got for now.

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